Originally practiced in China thousands of years ago, traditional Chinese medicine has now been a world-wide experience. Also known as TCM, this approach in healthcare uses herbs, acupuncture, massage, diet, and exercise to address various health concerns. In the United States and New Market acupuncture has its own recognition as alternative medicine.  

 Popular Herbs

The philosophy behind TCM is that every part of the body works together for the common purpose of balancing the energy flow of the body to keep the body in its healthiest form. If the pathways of the energy or Qi is blocked, too strong, or too slow, physical, emotional, and mental problems can arise.  

Herbal medicine is a method of its own. But many practitioners incorporate herbal medicines into other approaches of TCM such as massage. This treatment comes in the form of tea, powder, liquid extract, or capsule. There are hundreds of known herbs in Chinese medicine. Here are the most commonly used and popular ones in no particular order: 

  1. Ginseng 

Among all the Chinese medicines, ginseng is the most popular of them all. This is because ginseng can help treat several diseases such as hepatitis, PMS, menopause, and even hypertension. In addition, ginseng increases energy and balances hormones. It helps men with erectile dysfunction as well. 

  1. Gingko Biloba 

Gingko Biloba is the oldest known Chinese herbal medicine. It is great for people with heart or lung problems. It also helps to remedy cold, cough, asthma, and chronic pain. 

  1. Goji Berries 

Having believed to have origination from China, goji berries are a pack-full of antioxidants. They have a sweet and sour taste. It also has iron, zinc, amino acids, and fiber. Goji berries can control both sudden blood sugar spike and crash. 

  1. Licorice Root 

Known for being a sweet remedy, licorice root helps treat cold, flu, cough, hepatitis, depression, asthma, and even heartburn. Licorice is used in TCM to make all work together in a formula especially if one or two types are too strong. 

  1. Dang Gui 

Also called Angelica Sinensis, Dang Gui is prized for its ability to relax the muscles. Dang Gui contains coumarins which expand the blood vessels to prevent spasm. It is particularly esteemed for its ability in improving the female body. Dang Gui aids in the proper regulation of menstrual cycles, balance female hormones, add estrogen in the body and enhances fertility. It improves male fertility as well and protects the prostate glands. It is a powerhouse of an herb for its efficiency in increasing metabolism and relieving pain. 

  1. Lingzhi 

Lingzhi or Ganoderma supports the liver and appeases the mind. It also helps the cardiovascular and respiratory systems to be healthy. Lingzhi also improves metabolism and betters the immune system to help fight free radical damage to the cells. 

  1. Astragalus 

Although it is more popular for its positive effects on digestion, metabolism, and immunity, astragalus is also beneficial for injury and wound healing.  

Just like other drugs or supplements out in the market, traditional Chinese herbs should be treated with caution.