When it comes to building structural boundaries, for many years and even up to the present, wooden fences are certainly an attractive option for most homeowners. Many have claimed that aside from wooden fences provide privacy, shade, as well as a safe area for children and pets to play and run around, and this type of fence is above all cost-efficient in manner. 

Wooden Fence

All of the factors mentioned above when combined make the wooden fence an extremely popular choice among the modern owners of home or property. On the other hand, wooden fence with all the amazing features it offers it has its own down side as well. Sooner or later this type of fence is prone to damage from general deterioration and weathering, they can cope to that for a while until replacement is needed eventually. In some instances, your wooden fence can sustain some sort of damage, though, if you are not an expert in identifying these damages it can surely be difficult to tell when that certain damage can go with simple repair or a DIY repair will suffice the damage or its serious and a total replacement is a must do.  Good to know though that there are tons of help you can get from the fence company they will educate you from simple cause of damage as to its resort and up to fixing the issue for you.   

However, there are factors or signs that could help or will give you a clue to identify whether your wood fence only need some repairs or it need to be totally replaced. 

Insect Damage. This is important to spot as soon as possible before insect damage gets serious and uncontrollable. If time permits, this is one of the major signs that you should be keen on checking, you must always be on the lookout for any signs that will tell your wooden fence is going through a risk of insect damage. Always on a lookout for signs of possible damage by checking holes in you fence, as well as visual signs of gnawing or burrowing. It would be helpful if you catch this insect damage as early as possible as it will save you wooden fence from serious damage and a possible replacement. Large infestation or extensive damage can result to intricate repair and will not even provide assurance it could be totally repaired, and in cases like this a replacement could be the only best solution in order to fix the issue. Also, a professional fence repair can help determine the level of insect damage your wooden fence sustained and from there they could tell whether a repair or replacement is a must.   

Another important thing to be on a lookout to is the signs of rotting. Wooden structural boundaries surely give your home or your property a classic look and it never go out of style. However, as timeless as it looks, age and weather can certainly do significant changes on your fence. One of the clear indicators of rotting fence is its deteriorating look and this will sooner or later compromise your structural integrity and lose its form.