Some of the common problem that homeowners have is the moss or grasses growing the roof of their house. It would look very untidy and not pleasant to the eyes especially if you have visitors coming to your place and they would see it a far. Few people only knew that this simple thing can lessen the life span of the roof and even can cause the blockage of the water going to the gutter and pipes connected to the roof. The is why most of the roofers in Columbia sc would suggest to as soon as you see it, you have to have the initiative to remove and clean it away as not to create any big mess and trouble in the future.

When you are decided to clean it and get rid of it as soon as possible, don’t forget to wear shoes or slippers that have grips under. It will help you not to slip away while standing there on the roof. Wearing the perfect and excellent kind of foot wears will help you to be safer and get away from any dangers. Don’t wear your new clothes, you can just choose some old clothes instead. Having your gloves and of course sun glasses of protective glasses.

You may use a ladder to climb up to the roof of the house. If there is a window going to the roof like your attic then that is a good way to immediately be there. You can ask some of your family members to be with you or to help you assisting and seeing the moss. Be careful not to run or to jump there as roof is very sensitive and it is prone to accident like slipping. Remember to focus and concentrate while working there on top, if you fell down and had an injury that would be a terrible thing.

You may ask your helper or someone to give you the hose. This will serve as your source of water. You have to wet the area with water and make sure the you are spraying the water or pouring up from the top to downwards.

With the use of the brush, slowly and gently brush and scrub the area with moss. Going downward is the best motion that you have to follow so that it would easily fall down. You may use some agent solution or detergent soap to loosen up the moss. Don’t use too much of this as it may result to damaging the color and even to the quality of your roof.

It is a good idea to do this during sunny weather. Make sure to rinse the roof with water after you scrub it. It will help to reduce the formation of any clog to your gutter and pipes. You can buy some solution or wax coating to prevent moss from forming to your roof. It is a good habit as well to check our roof every time. You can cut the branches of the trees that covers the roof so that it will get direct sunlight.